Bev McCann

My desire and hearts cry is to minister Gods Love to people (men and women and children alike) that are hurting from the pain that life brings us. God has allowed me to write over 80 some songs that speak of healing and the love of our God, which brings the healing to our lives.

When the Lord took me to the scripture Psalms 86:11, it talks about having an undivided heart before the Lord, and that has been my prayer that my heart would never waiver and that my faith would keep me close and I would stay firm in my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

I've was raised in church all of my life, worked in the church since I was about 17, but there were times that my heart wasn't sold out to God and I came to a place in my life that I new I had to make a choice to serve God or to go my own way. I thank God that I chose to serve Him with my whole heart, and I have since questioned how people go through this life without knowing how good my Lord is.

We go through things in our life that sometimes we do not choose, but others make the choices for us and we have to walk through the live changing circumstances that we have to make a decision on how we let it affect our own lives. God is the pro, master, best juice maker, of making lemonade out of the lemons that we are given. God just wants to bless our lives and He wants to be your friend as He is mine. All we have to do is open the door to our heart and let him into our lives.

We need to remember the God is more than capable and more than willing give us joy where there is sadness and heartaches. He can bring happiness and new life……….

This is sometimes hard to understand until you go through it, but my God is so loving and caring that He will never leave me alone nor will he leave you.

I would love to have the opportunity to speak and minister to your group and church family, through word and music that will lift your spirits or just give you a dose of laughter, by sharing Gods great love with you all and leave you with a smile on your face.

Bev McCann is not only a profound singer, songwriter, Ordained Minister and Gospel Music industry leader; she is also the A & R and Radio Promotions Director of Godsey and Associates.

Moreover, she is a wife, mother of four children, Nine Grand Children, and is a successful entrepreneur with her sister of their very own candy-making company called E-Sweets Candy.

Bev is thrilled that she has been nominated in the USAGEM Awards as a top five nominee for The Female Vocalist of the Year Award. She has also been Nominated in the top 10 Female Vocalist of the Year in the Diamond Awards for several years.

Bev with part of the family.

You can View some of Bev's Videos on RFD Rural TV on the Brush Arbor Show, YouTube and Family Friendly Television shows, she has sang with many of the favorite artist in Gospel Music as well as Christian Country ie. Marty Raybon, Guy Penrod, Lulu Roman, Karen Peck and new River, Booth Brothers, Dianne Sherrill, Linda Davis, Roy Clark, Fox Brothers, Cowboy Joe Babcock, Songfelllows QT, and many others. Bev is on the Board of USAGEM and Music City Christian Fellowship organizations in the Nashville area. She participates in the Sunday Mornin Country show, taped live at the Grand Ole Opry House every year during CMA Week in Nashville TN.

Bev has enjoyed Singing and spreading the good news of Jesus Christ to thousands for over the past 20 years. You can find some of Bev's articles on Absolutely Gospel's website and other media outlets as well. Bev say's It has been such a wonderful experience working for the Lord and being busy about the masters business and seeing so many lives changed and healed by the Grace and Mercy of our wonderful God and Savior. I hope you enjoy the music that God has given me to share with you. Thank you for dropping by to find out a little bit more about me. I'd love to find out about you as well. Send me an email so I have the same chance".

Thank you and God Bless.